Luxury Home Renovation

What Are the Latest Luxury Home Renovation Designs?

If you are looking forward to making your current house into a beautiful and charismatic luxury home then you should consider renovating it. With the help of a good renovation, you can make your home into an opulent and contemporary living space that will be a reflection of your tastes and style. Renovating a home to make it luxurious can include everything- right from changing the drapes to a complete and overall rehaul of the house. Whether you want to go for simple and minor changes or want to change your home completely, it is always recommended to hire a professional who can guide you through the difficult terrain of home renovation. Professional renovation experts can help you by getting you access to premium materials, excellent labour, and up-to-date technology- thus making your home renovation journey a cakewalk. In this blog, let’s have a look at some of the most popular and trending design ideas for home renovation. You can always adapt them to your tastes and style with the help of expert services that deal with luxury home renovation in Noida to make a home that is right out of your dreams.

  • Going for A Grand Entrance:

You can make a bold and grand first impression by designing your foyer or entrance in such a way that it exudes absolute luxury. With the help of lavish and intricately carved doors, a stunning foyer, and mesmerising lights, you can create an entrance that will make your guests curious about your home. A luxurious grand entrance is the perfect way to make a bold first impression on anyone who visits your home- an impression that they will never forget.

  • A Complete Home Gym:

Proper diet and exercise can help you stay fit, look young, and can also enhance your longevity, but let’s be honest, the idea of spending hours around sweaty people is something that no one wants to do. Don’t worry though, you can always create a modern and highly functional home gym right out of your dreams inside your home. Having a home gym is one of the most trending luxury home design ideas now as a home gym allows you to have the perfect and highly personalised atmosphere as well as equipment that can help you become the best version of yourself.

  • An Oasis in the Desert- Pool and Spa:

Create a serene oasis in your backyard with a luxurious pool and spa. If you have ample unused space, why not turn it into a private retreat just like a resort? This transformation offers a tranquil escape from the daily hustle, providing a beautiful and opulent sanctuary for relaxation.

  • Wonderful Walk-in Closets:

If you love shopping then it is most likely that you do not have enough space in your cabinets to store everything right now. Well, just discard the old and useless cabinets and instead replace them with stunning walk-in closets. Walk-in closets are some of the most popular luxury home renovation ideas nowadays as they are grand, highly functional, and full of elegance. They can help you optimise your space and can make your home feel like your own personal luxurious boutique.

  • Personalised Outdoor Lounge:

Luxury and comfort go hand in hand which is why one of the trending renovation designs nowadays is to create a glorious outdoor lounge in your yard. You can create a special outdoor hideaway which will have comfy seating, a warm fire pit, and beautiful plants. This private spot is all about relaxation and close gatherings, offering a peaceful escape right near your home where you can chill out with your friends and family or just by yourself.

  • Smart Home Integration:

Modernise your home with the help of smart technology and smart devices to make it into a techno-savvy luxurious haven. Smart devices can be used to control security, lighting, entertainment- everything. It is an excellent luxury home decor choice to add smart technology to your house which can also make it up-to-date.

  • Fully-Equipped Home Theatre:

If you are a lover of movies then there is nothing better than having a state-of-the-art home theatre added to your house. You can enjoy your favourite movie in the comfort of your own home with the help of creative additions such as plush seating ensures comfort, acoustic enhancements, and cutting-edge audio-visual technology. All of these together can help you have the ultimate authentic theatre experience at home.

  • Modern Kitchen Remodel:

Enhance the functionality and elegance of your kitchen with a stunning remodel tailored in a way that goes with your luxury home interior design. Make your kitchen the best with sophisticated appliances, cutting-edge tools, and an array of design options. This unique transformation not only adds a touch of opulence to your kitchen but also ensures it goes well and seamlessly with the overall luxurious aesthetic of your home.


Your home should be a reflection of your style and tastes which is why making it a luxurious and beautiful living space is something that every homeowner must think of seriously. This blog features only a few ideas that can help you take your dream home to the next level, but it is just the tip of the iceberg, so if you are looking for services that deal in luxury home renovation in Noida, then do get in touch with NGLC Realtech– an esteemed construction service that can help you curate design ideas that will be the perfect fit for your home. Their team of highly-trained and expert professionals can make your dream home come to reality.

Luxury Home Renovation

How To Process Your Luxury Home Renovation?


The process of transforming your home through the much-necessary renovation is an adventure in itself, especially if you are looking forward to a premium home renovation plan. Innovative and bold, revamping your complete house, or even a part of it to make it luxurious and stylish can be a very hectic and confusing task, especially if the homeowner wants to go for a luxury home renovation in Delhi, Noida, or any other big city. It is true that this process is very hectic and will take a lot of time and money, but you can read this blog to find out how you can make it a lot better and easier.  

Understanding Your Vision:

Picture the home of your dreams, perfectly tailored to your lifestyle in the heart of your beautiful city. Envision spaces that mirror your personality, weaving the rich heritage of the city into every thread of your dream home. This vision becomes the guiding force, shaping the distinctive character of your luxury home renovation. While planning for your home renovation your vision should always include both personal tastes and functional aspects that can make your home into a beautiful and luxurious space. 

Setting a Realistic Budget:

Dreams know no bounds, but grounding them in reality is crucial. Let’s talk about budgets – it’s a vital conversation. Crafting a budget that takes into account various elements, potential challenges, and risks is essential. Ideally, while planning for a home renovation, the budget that you decide to create should include everything- right from payments of the workers and artisans to the materials and equipment that will be used to redesign and modify your home. Assessing whether this budget aligns with your aspirations ensures that your renovation journey is both fulfilling and financially feasible. It’s about striking a balance between the dream and practicality, allowing you to relish the process of premium house renovation without unnecessary stress.

Selecting the Right Team:

Renovating your lovely home is a dream for many, but it is never a project that can be finished in a day with no help from experts. What this means is looking for and going through a plethora of architects and builders. This also means contacting dozens of interior designers and going through their portfolios one by one. Sounds daunting, doesn’t it? Well no worries, as you can always hire a good contracting agency who can handle all this and more for you, thus removing all the burden from your shoulder so that you can enjoy your home once it is fully ready. When going for home renovation in Delhi, Noida, or surrounding areas, you can always contact premium home renovation experts such as NGLC, one of the best home renovation experts around. 

Selecting Materials for the Renovation:

Explore your city’s markets, and you’ll uncover a diverse array of materials waiting to enhance your home. From locally sourced marble to traditional handicrafts, make an effort to personally choose materials that align with your vision. Always try to go for materials that are of high quality and materials that have received good reviews from various customers including your friends and contacts. And remember, just because something is expensive, does not mean that it will also be of good quality, in fact, a lot of times while undertaking a premium house renovation you can find amazing quality materials for a fraction of the price!

Creating Functional Spaces:

Luxury is not just about decking your whole home in the most expensive items that you can find in the market, rather it is more about making the place feel like home by making it feel functional and of course comfortable. So, when you’re planning your dream home, make sure each space is not just stylish but also practical. In places where every inch matters, smart design ideas are the real heroes in crafting that luxurious feel without losing the practical touch.

Attention to Detail:

Luxury home renovation is massive- in fact, a gigantic project that involves so many things that the list may just go on and on, but while thinking about the ‘larger things’ never forget the smaller and tiny elements too! Because after all, it is the tiny details that make or break a luxurious house. Pick out lights, fixtures, and decor bits that shout “you.” There’s a plethora of unique and equally quirky stuff online that’ll make each detail in your place show off your style and amp up the overall vibe. It’s like giving your home a personal touch that makes it uniquely yours.


Renovating your house to update it and to make it more beautiful and functional can be a very challenging ordeal for all the members of the family, especially the person who is in charge of planning everything. From setting a budget to curating personal spaces, each step is as integral and important as the other. While smaller projects can be handled by homeowners who love some DIY and self-reliance, for larger projects it is always a good choice to talk to professionals such as NGLC Realtech -experts of home renovation in Delhi, Noida. NGLC Realtech’s turnkey renovation and construction plans can help you relax while the firm handles everything related to the renovation with ease.


Home Renovation

How To Plan Your Home Renovation?


Renovating a home is a journey that every homeowner has to embark on at least once in their life. Renovating a house is generally done to either repair certain aspects of the house or to update it according to new styles and trends. If you are looking for a home renovation in Noida plan, then this blog will serve as a guide, presenting you with a basic roadmap that you can follow to undertake a proper home renovation with ease. Having a good roadmap or understanding of the overall home renovation can help you while you look for any home renovation contractors in Noida. 

The Importance of Home Renovation in Noida:

A house has a distinct personality that makes it a home. It is often a reflection of the personality as well as preferences of the homeowner, which is why it is necessary to design and curate your house carefully. If you are looking to update your house by renovating it then you understand the importance of home renovation in Noida or for that matter any other city. So, before you decide to look for home renovation services in Noida to give a new life to your dear home, read this blog to understand all the things you need to consider while renovating your home. 

Planning Home Renovation in Noida: Tips

Here are a few tips that can help you get started while planning for a home renovation in Noida.

1. Understand and Define Your Objectives:

Before you can start with the renovation process itself, it is necessary to understand and define all the changes that you are planning to make in your home, so that you can have a proper list of goals in your hand. Renovating a home generally involves a couple of goals- you can make a few aesthetic changes to update the way your home looks; can make changes that enhance the functionality of your space; or go for a combined effort that involves both aesthetic as well as functional modifications. Do consult any good services that offer home renovation in Greater Noida plans to make a sheet of goals for a seamless experience later. 

2. Sit Down and Create A Realistic Budget:

One problem that homeowners often face while renovating their house is that they do not consider all the potential costs that the project may require and end up spending a lot more than they would be comfortable with. It is thus necessary to sit down and create a proper budget that is not just comprehensive but also realistic. Include everything in your budget right from the cost of materials, and equipment, to labour charges. Do not forget to have a buffer budget for any unforeseen expenses that may turn up during the process. You can always contact any home renovation contractor in Noida to get estimates and quotes that can help you create a good budget. 

3. Research and Design:

Visit various websites and offline stores to chalk out your vision for the renovation. These places can provide you with the much-required artistic vision and inspiration that can help you plan your renovation. Also, consult any good home renovation contractors in Noida and ask for their portfolio to check out their previous projects for inspiration. This way you can also check the quality of their work.

4. Choose the Right Contractor:

If you are planning to go for a significant change in your home, it is necessary to consult a professional and experienced contractor for the purpose of renovation. Check their portfolios and references to understand the quality of work that the contractors have done in the past. Do not be afraid to visit multiple contractors and check their work as choosing the wrong contractor can lead to a lot of problems later. 

5. Create A Renovation Timeline:

Once you have chosen a contractor, sit down with them and chalk out a timeline for the overall project. Be sure to be as realistic as possible, as larger projects might cause disruptions in your day-to-day life, for which you need to be prepared from the get-go. Talk to the contractor in clear terms so that all the deadlines are followed properly.

6. Think About High-Impact Areas:

If you are planning for a complete overhaul of your home but are unable to do so due to time or monetary constraints, start slow and focus on high-impact areas that require renovation the most. These areas may include your living space, kitchens, or bathrooms. Start with these areas and once you are comfortable and have the wavelength from a monetary or time-related perspective, you can shift your focus to other spaces in your home. 

7. Examine Energy Efficiency:

Considering energy efficiency is quite important, especially if you have an old house. Go for design ideas and plans that can make your home more energy-efficient right from more windows to appliances. Choosing energy-efficient ideas while renovating your house is not only good for the environment but can also save a lot of money in the long term. 

8. Quality Over Quantity:

While it is understandable to go for a complete renovation or at least change and update as many elements as possible in your house, it is always better to go for quality over quantity as this will ensure timeliness as well as durability. This way, you won’t have to go for frequent renovations either. To help you save time, money, and effort in the long term, select the best quality materials even if they are more expensive.

9. Be Prepared for the Worst:

Hiring a good contractor for home renovation helps you stay within the budget, however, it is possible that you may end up with unforeseen problems for which it is necessary to have a buffer budget so that you can continue with the project without derailing the whole thing. 

10. Infuse Personal Touch:

Try to incorporate your ideas and give a personal touch to your space while renovating a house. While it is nice to have a house that looks just out of home decor magazines, if you want to make it feel like a home, it is always better to go for things that you actually like.

11. Long-Term Maintenance:

Going for materials as well as elements that are easy to clean and maintain can help you avoid any problems in the future while renovating a house. While certain elements may look amazing now- if they are not easy to maintain, you may ultimately end up changing them later. 


Final Words:

A home renovation project requires a lot of planning, decision-making, and extensive and comprehensive collaboration and communication with experts. You can always use the tips given in this blog to plan your home renovation journey to make it more seamless, less time-consuming, and right within your budget. Contact good contractors such as NGLC Realtech– one of the most well-known home renovation services that can offer you advice and solutions for all the problems that may arise while renovating a house.