Luxury Home Renovation - Office Renovation

 We offer superior luxury home renovation resources at best budgets. At NGLC RealTech, we take immense pride in industry knowledge and attention to quality and detail. Our contractors and suppliers are carefully chosen to deliver custom solutions to refurbish and refresh any space within promised timelines.

Paint/ Re-Paint:

Thinking to Re-Paint your home or office? Want to change the look? These two questions and the desire to renovate one’s Space, germinates the first word to one’s mind, that being “Hassle”. Our Professional Painters help you to convert your place from old to new again ‘without any hassle’. Every Room and each Wall within the room shouts out loud the occupant’s personality. Right from guiding you on the color esthetics and combinations, 

We silently work without creating hindrances in your daily chores. Our Painters are well trained to answer all your queries related to painting. Our endeavor is to assist you with Cost-effective and Quality services.


In addition to all the services, we cannot forget to protect our residence or office from moisture, humidity, damp or musty weather. We don’t have any control over the weather but we can keep a control on the constructions we are doing. Be it office, home, shop, road, multi-story building or structure everything is open to the environment. Waterproofing is important to provide an envelope and to resist your creation from moisture.

It acts as a vapor, air or water barrier.It is a necessity to rooftops, ceiling, bathrooms, kitchens, side walls. It is important to protect the erection from collapsing and declining. We can help to protect your dream home from the harsh weather by introducing water-resistant properties in it and maintain the structural strength.

Seepage correction:

Seepage is another problem that makes the walls or the ceilings weak from inside. Common causes of includes leakage in the drainage pipes, water supply pipes, poor waterproofing, seepage of rainwater or wastewater through a wall. There are various traditional and modern ways to get rid of these problems. The traditional methods are not enough to resolve this issue. So, we have coupled modern techniques and traditional procedures to provide relief

the seepage without consuming your much time.In the blink an eye, you will get a smooth and damp free wall in few simple and easy steps.