Interior Design

How To Interior Design Your Home?


Constructing a house is a long and arduous labour of love, but mere construction does not make a home out of a house; it needs to be infused with a lot of personality which can only be achieved through the means of interior design. If you are planning to do some DIY changes in your house or are looking for good home interior designers in Gurgaon, this blog will help you understand the basics of interior designing so that you know what to do and what to look for while looking for home interior services in your city.

Tips To Get You Interior Design-Ready:

Here are a few tips to look into before you consult any home interior design services in your city

1. Understand Your Style:

Your house needs to be a reflection of your tastes and style so that it can feel like a comfortable home to you. There are many different styles and combinations of styles to choose from- right from industrial aesthetics, minimalism, and classic and traditional ideas, to contemporary and modern designs. You can always combine different elements of different designs to create a highly personalised design plan, but be sure to consult a professional who can help you prevent turning your house into chaos. Having a clear sense of your style and communicating it with your chosen interior designer can allow both of you to collaborate and work efficiently with each other. 

2. Make A List Of Your Needs:

While the basic functions of any house include comfort and relaxation- these are not the only functions that a home can provide. More and more people are using their houses in different ways nowadays- right from setting up elaborate greenhouses, to home gyms, to fully functional studios and offices right from the comfort of their room. If you require any such additions to your house, consult with an expert home interior design services who will be able to guide you in setting up your desired space in your home. 

Along with functional changes and design elements, certain families also need to incorporate accessibility-related changes for the specially-abled, elderly, children, and furry members of the family. Talk to your designer to find good alternatives for regular design elements to ensure that they are safe for all the members of your family.

3. Flooring and Wall Treatments:

Interior designing does not have to follow any rules, rather it is always better to experiment and explore as much as you want. Exploration and experimentation can help you and your interior designer to make your space a lot more personalised. You can add a lot of tactile and visual interest to your house and space by incorporating texture in the form of textured paint, wallpapers, tiles, and more in your interior design plan. 

4. Check Various Home Interior Designers:

While smaller changes and interior design projects can be comfortably done at your own pace if you are a DIY aficionado, for major changes and larger projects, it is always a good choice to go for good home interior designers in Gurgaon who are known for their services. If you think finding good interior design services around you is difficult, just try googling ‘home interior designers near me’ once and you will be presented with a long list of designers around your area with their ratings and reviews as well!

5. Colour Palette Selection:

Colours do not just serve as a decorative or aesthetic element in your space, rather they also have significant psychological effects which can alter and affect your mood quite drastically. It is always recommended to consult with your interior designers while choosing colour palettes for any space in your house. Once the palette is chosen, you can go ahead and choose the materials such as wallpapers, tiles, and more. 

6. Come Up With A Realistic Budget:

It is necessary to consult with good home interior services in Gurgaon or any other city to come up with a realistic budget for your interior design plans. This should include materials, equipment, permits, and miscellaneous and emergency funds as well. You can also visit various websites that deal with interior design to come up with a rough estimate of how much money your project is going to cost you. 

7. Collaborate with Designers:

A well-designed home is a result of ample and transparent collaboration between the homeowner and the designer. While choosing good home interior design services is necessary, no service will be able to design the perfect house for you if you refrain from getting your hands dirty- i.e. work with them throughout the project. Share your ideas as well as likes and dislikes with the interior designers frequently so that they can create a rough guide for themselves. Keep the communication between you and the designers open and transparent.  

8. Selecting The Right Furniture:

Almost all rooms and spaces in your home have at least one piece of furniture. Rooms such as bedrooms, living rooms, and kitchens are incomplete and useless without furniture. While choosing pieces of furniture, try to seek a balance between aesthetics and functionality so that you will have useful pieces that also look good in your space. 


Any good interior designer understands that designing a home is not just an aesthetic decision, rather it is a way for the homeowner to personalise their space and make it more comfortable. By collaborating with a good interior designer, homeowners can ensure that their space does not feel too alien or sterile and feels like a desirable and beautiful home for them. One such interior designing service that understands the role of homeowners in the process of designing is NGLC Realtech, a company well-known for helping houses to become homes in no time. With a professional team of experts, NGLC promises to help its customers with any house and interior-related queries and issues, from construction to renovation to designing, to more!