Turnkey Interiors

Turnkey Interiors vs Traditional Contracting


At least once in their lifetime, every property owner- whether a homeowner or an office owner has to undergo a task that is often thought to be migraine-inducing, stress-enhancing, and time-consuming- home renovation. Premium house renovation is a journey that is difficult but necessary and it is always necessary to go on it with a plethora of traditional contractors. But there’s another, more updated service that has come up on the market- turnkey contractors who can make home or office renovation a piece of cake. In this blog let’s look at the differences between traditional contractors and turnkey interiors and how they can help you in renovating your space. 

Traditional Contracting: The Old Guard of Interior Transformation

In the world of traditional contracting, the homeowner is the captain of the ship. It is the homeowner’s responsibility to come up with a vision for their space, plan lighting, hire professionals, buy materials- the list can go on and on! This leads to a variety of issues while dealing with renovation in Delhi or any other city which can be explained in these terms:

Massive Micromanaging:

In the traditional contracting method, the owner of the property has to act like a manager where the owner must not only look for various kinds of workers but also micro-manage them. Each professional that the owner of the property hires comes as a solo professional who must coordinate with the other people who have been hired. This coordination needs to be managed and juggled carefully by the owner of the property throughout the process- which in turn can be quite a headache and frankly very time-consuming too. 

Budget Battles:

As mentioned earlier, the owner of the property is the main captain of the ship of home renovation, which means that the owner also has to handle the complete responsibility of coming up with a budget and managing it. This can often spiral into a plethora of issues as many problems may occur later in the overall process which can overshoot the budget significantly. 

Troubling Time Delays:

Another factor that becomes a huge hassle to manage while going the traditional contracting way for simple or premium house renovation is managing time. The owner of the property needs to coordinate the schedules of all the professionals employed which can be like walking on a tightrope. Delays are common, and the timeline often becomes a moving target.

Confusing Quality:

As far as quality is concerned while going the traditional renovation in Delhi method, the assurance of proper quality becomes a collective responsibility. With each professional working independently, there might be a risk of miscommunication or blame games if something goes awry. It’s like playing a game of telephone where the original message can get lost in translation.

Turnkey Interior Contractors: The Wizards of Construction and Design

Let’s now step into the magical world of turnkey interior contractors. Imagine a world where your dream space unfolds seamlessly, like a well-choreographed dance where you can sit, relax, and watch your dream space getting built right in front of your eyes.

Communication and Collaboration:

Turnkey interior contractors simplify the process. You begin by having a detailed chat with them, sharing your dreams and ideas. You discuss your vision, and they work on turning it into a tangible plan. Design, construction, plumbing, electrical work – everything is handled under one roof. It’s a one-stop shop for all your interior dreams.

Transparent Budgets:

One of the magical perks of turnkey contracting is budget transparency. No more financial mysteries or surprise bills popping up like unexpected guests. The turnkey team gives you a clear budget upfront, so you know what you’re signing up for. It’s like having a financial roadmap for your interior journey – no hidden traps, just smooth sailing.

Faster Results:

Time is very important in construction, as any homeowner would like to move into their new space as soon as possible. In such a case, a turnkey contractor comes in as a genie who can help you expedite the process by manifold. Since everyone in the team is working together under one magical roof, the project progresses in a very smooth and uniform manner. 

Accountability and Quality:

Now, let’s talk about quality. Instead of micromanaging everything and trying to see if quality is being maintained or not, your turnkey contractors take all the responsibility as a complete team and there’s a shared responsibility for the final outcome. No blame games, just a commitment to delivering top-notch quality.

Choosing Between Turnkey and Traditional: A Personal Choice

Simplified Journey vs. Juggling Act:

Traditional contracting gives the owner of the property complete power to handle everything but this power also comes with a lot of responsibility where the owner must juggle between choosing, handling, and managing everyone independently. In the case of turnkey contractors though, it is the team who handles everything and the owner can just relax and observe. 

Budget Clarity vs. Financial Mysteries:

In the case of traditional contracting, there can be a lot of surprise budget issues and problems from time to time which generally rarely happens in the case of turnkey contracting options. t. 

Faster Results vs. Moving Target Timelines:

If the owner of the property chooses to go the traditional contracting route, they may face problems like delays, moving deadlines, and more- making everything quite uncertain. In the case of turnkey contracting, this uncertainty becomes negligible.

Quality Assurance vs. Collective Responsibility:

In the case of turnkey contracting, the assurance of the quality of the final outcome of the project becomes a collective responsibility of the team where the team is completely accountable. In traditional contracting methods though, each independent professional must be managed carefully by the owner of the property so that the quality can be maintained- which generally does not happen due to so many communication issues and problems. 


While considering any kind of renovation in Delhi- whether home renovation or seamless office construction, as the owner of any property, you have two choices to choose from- traditional contracting and turnkey interior contractors. Both the choices are popular, but again which choice to make is something that the owner must decide on their own. 


If you do choose to go for a turnkey interior contractor, you can consider excellent services such as NGLC Realtech, one of the premier turnkey contractors in Delhi who can help you transform your space completely thanks to their talented and professional team. The overall plan then becomes a well-orchestrated matter, allowing the owner of the property to relax.