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NGLC Realtech, One of the best Construction Companies in Gurgaon for home and civil construction, stands for the convenience of complete construction services. It is our objective to understand client requirements, and bring their dream home or construction ideas to life. We set ourselves to push the envelope to deliver quality civil construction services to our customers.

Home investment is truly a big task. It entails immense complexities, bureaucracy and hassle, not to mention legwork and paperwork, and constant construction supervision. Being inherently aware of all the intricacies involved, we are proud to offer all the support needed; and make all realty journeys smooth, streamlined, and pleasant. Therefore, it does not come as a surprise that we are ranked as one of the best home construction company and civil construction company in delhi and Gurgaon. 

To that end, we offer turnkey construction. All we need is client faith in us.

What is Turnkey Construction?

Turnkey” refers to a structure that is available to the buyer in a ready-to-use condition. Legally, the entire onus from the design to culmination within the stipulated time frame lies with the contractor, and not the buyer. Since the budget is fixed at the time of signing the contract, turnkey constructions work out to be mutually beneficial. It reduces risk for the client and provides an incentive for the contractor to complete the From inception through specification to installation, we specialise in full-service construction solutions. With a strong fleet of qualified professionals, project efficiently, and within the budget.

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we manage and deliver top-quality structures by optimising timelines, application of specialised skillset,and accelerating construction schedules. This procedure has helped us in becoming the best construction contractor in Gurgaon.

How Does The Best Construction Companies in Gurgaon Works?

When we promise Turnkey Construction Contract, we deliver just that as we are the No.1 Gurgaon construction company. We ensure that we fulfill all our contractual obligations, while keeping the client informed and involved. While we are at it, all we need from clients are the scheduled payments pre-set on milestones.
Here’s the A-Z of it all:

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Legal Vetting the Land/Plot Documents

All construction work require a precondition that the applicant is the titleholder of the building site, implying that he or she is the legal owner of the land its tenement. Our expertise and experience ranges from fastidious and critical examination of documents as mandated by law, to sound advice and obtaining of building approval plan as sanctioned by the respective town planning authority.

Soil Testing

A soil test is the most preliminary step for erecting any kind of structure since the foundation of the building is designed accordingly. Essential, but not always conducted. We don’t cut corners, and undertake detailed soil tests for density, moisture, specific gravity, and compaction to evaluate the sustainability of the soil for proposed construction.

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In-House Architects

Our in-house team of highly experienced architects is involved from the very inception to help faster navigation of the planning process, and building regulations too. It enables us to deliver custom-designed architectural solutions that are functional, cost-effective, and entirely custom-made. planning authority.We pride ourselves on offering value-engineered solutions to fit our project requirements. From being involved in cost estimates, to procurement, quality testing and supervising the construction through its lifecycle, our civil and structural engineers are always at hand to scrutinise and monitor every detail.

Regulatory Approvals: Liaising with the Government Departments

While being the one of the best construction contractor in Delhi, we also specialise in consultancy and enabling services to manage the tedious process of obtaining necessary government approvals. Backed by a fluent understanding of government departments and dexterous liaison skills, we help accelerate the logistics, thus saving you quite the trouble and the footwork.


Building Dream Homes

We believe that the little things make a big difference. To be the best Construction Company Gurgaon, We will fulfill space requirements to build a happy tomorrow for every customer.. From coffee to the keys, we deliver with quality custom craftsmanship, without cutting corners or skirting issues. Our clients are involved all along because we believe in cementing relationships with trust and complete satisfaction. This is what makes us stand out from the rest of construction company in Delhi.


The right house starts with the right people. While some may tell you to find the land first and build later, there are other schools of thought that say you need experts in place before you decide on location. Choose NGLC RealTech Construction Company In Gurgaon as your team. 

Construction Within Time & Budget

NGLC RealTech, One of the best civil contractors in Gurgaon, offers design suitability, cost planning, quality control, commissioning procedures, and an efficient integration of a collaborative professional system to build every project. All execution is within a realistic timeline and budget.

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What do we get out of it?

Turnkey Construction allows us to build homes more quickly and efficiently. We understand that the market offers a lot of choices. Pride in quality craftsmanship and complete customer satisfaction is our mantra. We have a commission on the entire project that is built into the cost. Due to this, NGLC Realtech is the first choice as a civil construction company in Delhi for many.

We sleep better in the reassurance that our customers are getting nothing but the best. And we hope all client experiences earn us recommendations and referrals to friends and family.

How does this benefit the buyer?

Quality & Delivery Assurance

NGLC RealTech is a single source contact for Turnkey Projects. We provide a professional and a fully integrated approach to managing the development, design, and construction process. Since these activities overlap, design refinements are promptly incorporated without significant impact on costs or schedule. Naturally, we are able to fast-track deliveries and accomplish project milestones quickly. In short, time, anxiety, and money saved for clients.

Post Construction Guarantee

We do not build edifices only; we build everlasting bonds. Our relationship with our clients does not end when we hand over the keys. We provide a guarantee of 18 months service post construction. For 18 months after completion, we will look into property maintenance, assessment of equipment and workings to ensure a safe, functional, and efficient facility. This is what makes NGLC Realtech stand out from rest of the construction contractors in Delhi.

Reduced management efforts

Turnkey projects reduce the need for the project owner to manage and supervise the entirety of the project. Without the need to manage numerous contracts, the project owner can place sole focus on the project itself.  

Reduction in Costs

With design, manufacturing, and installation handled by one project manager, it saves you time and money both. For a turnkey project manager, it’s easier to get an overall discount from the vendors on separate services resulting in a reduction in the overall costs of the project. Plus, when you outsource entirely you don’t need to hire your internal employees for the project execution again leading to a reduction in the weight on the company’s payroll. Choose NGLC RealTech construction company in Gurgaon for your DREAM PROJECT.

Why Are We Considered As The Best Construction Company in Gurgaon & Delhi ?

The NGLC Realtech Construction Company is one of the most reliable and dependable construction companies Gurgaon with years of experience and expertise. We perform high-quality construction work on time and in a defined budget to provide the best experience to our customers. Our utmost priority is the satisfaction of our customers. Along with that we are one of the leading home and office interior designer company in Gurgaon. We are the best construction contractors and home builders to choose among other construction companies because we truly help our clients in building their dream house.

Our Company will provide trustworthy services.  NGLC realtech house company use best technique to build a house. Company provide services within your budget. Get ready to build dream come true house.  


NGLC Realtech provides Turnkey Home Construction services by professionals, providing End-to End solutions including 3D Designing, Customised Layouts/Floor Plans, Building Plan Approval from Govt. Authorities, Water & Electricity Connection & Final Completion Certificate make your crafted Dream Home Read to Move.

Complete In-house team of Architects, Civil & Structural Engineers, Certified Site Supervisors, Plumbing & Electrical(s). You just need to Hire us and we will build the house customised as per your preference with Best Quality and Best Pricing.


Once signing the Agreement, our Architects design the Layouts/Floor Plans according to your needs and that yield the best use of the area. Once the drawings are finalised, Soil Test is done to determine the load bearing capacity of the Soil.
Basis the soil test report the Structural Engineer designs the drawings as per steel bars requirements ensuring that the structure has adequate steel bars to make safe & strengthened house.
Post this stage the drawings are sent to the Local Govt. Authority for approval and same is NGLC Realtech provides Turnkey construction services which involves 3D Designing, Customised.
We help you with Water & Electricity Connection & Final Completion Certificate.

Our Team has Complete In-house team of Architects, Civil & Structural Engineers, Certified Site Supervisors.
Plumbing & Electrical(s) which ensure Cost-Effective, Timely Delivery and Quality with each product.
NGLC shares all construction updates with the clients and get all fittings approved from the clients as per their preferences.
NGLC Realtech Pvt. Ltd. is ISO 9001:2015 certified and has been awarded as Best in Class Turnkey Construction Company with 5 Star rating.
For more details, please visit www.nglcrealtech.com

In order to make sure that the construction of your home/building stays streamlined and pleasant one should consider below points:-

Need Analysis – First of all one need to concentrate and derive the need of the area and type of house/building required. For a house one should look for ventilated and natural lighting for majority of the interior areas.
Floor/Layout Planning – Since a house is a place which one stays thought one’s lifespan, the Layout or Floor Plan should be designed for ease of access and movement inside the house.
Doors Placement – Doors should be designed to have linear movements. This way, one would have ease of access and movement to different part of the house.
Plumbing – In order to have efficient plumbing, the designing should have in account of keeping toilets, bathrooms and kitchen in one side, so that plumbing could be done efficiently.
Cross Ventilation – It is the key component for any building to provide for all habitable spaces, rooms, kitchen, washrooms and even your storage.
Future Extension – Any plans for future extension should be incorporated at the initial phase in order to design the structure according to extension requirements in future to manage the load for additional area.
Planning Construction Stage – The stages of construction are generally different but after the structure is complete, various works can be done parallelly to increase the speed of construction/completion of project.
General rules – Natural light can reach upto a direct length of 25 feet or 8 meters, so plan interior spaces for daylight accordingly. Windows and ventilators openings should not be less than 1/10 th of floor area of a space. So give openings accordingly.

Yes, we also help you demolish the old structure and develop the New House/Building as per your requirement. Especially people in Delhi/NCR avail such services. Even the demotion is done under supervision of Highly experienced Civil Engineer Team.

No. nothing is charges from the client.

No. Once the cost is finalised, the project is delivered at the agreed pricing with the agreed specifications. Same is also mentioned in our written agreement.

NGLC works to deliver the project within the promised timelines. However, in case pays penalty for the delayed period.

Yes, NGLC provides 25 Years on Structure, 5 Years on Seepage and 3 Years on Wooden work on any manufacturing/making defects.

NGLC’s Architectural team provides reference drawings that can be chosen by the client. However, the Floor Plans can be customised as per clients choice and requirements.

Yes, the changes to floor plan can be done until the actual floor plan is implemented at site. to design the space the way you want. Because you know what you like but don’t know where to find it or how to incorporate it into what you already have. Because you don’t think interior design is your forte. But more than anything else, you can TRUST us to find you the right designer for your space.

Yes, there is a flexibility of providing some materials. However, discretion of material supply depends on the Managements approval.

Yes, you can enhance the specifications, only the difference of the costings shall be charged to the agreed pricing.

The work-progress is shared with the client on Bi-weekly basis by NGLC assigned Relationship Manager. This is done through Site development pictures on Whatsapp/Mails/Video Calls & Live Video Feed (on chargeable basis)

The construction agreement comprises of Milestone based Payment Plan. The payments are raised basis the Construction Progress at site and mutually agree Milestone Payment Plan.

The civil construction in Gurgaon & Delhi typically involves the following steps:

  1. Planning and designing: This step involves creating a plan and design for the construction in Gurgaon or Delhi, including site assessment, feasibility studies, and obtaining necessary permits and approvals from the government authorities.

  2. Clearing and excavation: This step involves clearing the construction site and excavating the area to prepare for the foundation and other elements for civil construction.

  3. Foundation and framing: After that we start building the foundation and framing for the structure, including poured cement & concrete foundations, steel or iron framing, and other structural components.

  4. Utilities: This step involves installing the necessary utilities for the building, such as electrical, plumbing.

  5. Finishing: The second last step involves finishing the exterior and interior of the building, including polishing floors, installing cabinetry, and other finishing touches.

  6. Inspection and certification: And the final step begins with the final inspections and obtaining necessary certifications to ensure that the building or the structure meets all local building codes and safety standards.